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The Craziest Summer Yet

The past few weeks have been rather hectic for me. As I approach graduation, I’ve been lost in the process of trying to figure out what I would like my professional future to be. During this time, I have been given several opportunities to travel over the next year.

I return to L.A. in a few days for a couple of interesting things. The first is a wedding – and many other events included – which I’m looking forward to as it means visiting family and being a part of someone’s important day. The second is conference in writing and film. Needless to say, it’s incredible that I’ve been given the chance to attend something like this, where we’ll be visiting writers, producers, and hopefully directors. I grew up wanting to direct and write, and so this is one big (and unexpected) step towards a goal of mine.

If that wasn’t enough, I was also offered a position to work in Madrid. The position offers a lot of downtime, which I expect to couple with side-jobs and volunteering. Oh, and, if it wasn’t already obvious: lots of travelling. I have been to Europe before as a child, but besides my trip to Spain a few years ago, I don’t remember any of it. However, being based in a relatively familiar area is a priceless security. Despite having to face the challenge of adapting to a place with an entirely different language, I have a background in Spanish and expect to study it over the summer.

Later in the summer, I’ll be returning to L.A., then have one major family (matrimonial) event before I make the big move. All of it is exciting, but none of it has sunk in yet. It’s hard to believe that some of my biggest dreams – and I say dreams, because they seemed as such and not reality – are coming to life. And all in one year.

So now, the search for living space in Madrid starts. I have already gotten a list of places I would like to visit while I’m over there, but would appreciate any tips on places that might not be as popular for tourists. My goal is to experience a school year of new discoveries and travel! (And not to forget : knock numbers 6 and 9 off my list).

Let it begin.

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