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Hometown Appreciation, Part 1

As an avid traveler, I sometimes forget to appreciate my surroundings when I’m at home. I spend so much of my time now on-the-go, or picturing a different destination as I work towards that goal of traveling just a little bit more. This summer has been especially hectic, and much to my own amazement, we’re already approaching mid-July. On Monday, I take off for 6 days in Washington D.C., followed by a return to Los Angeles for 2 weeks. As it stands, this means I only have about 4 weeks left in my hometown this summer, and maybe for the whole year.

I’ve always been critical of where I live, which is Ottawa (the capital of Canada). While there’s so much hidden potential that has yet to be focused on due to, in my opinion, unnecessary bureaucracy, the city is still very beautiful. As a Canadian, it’s hard to deny that the natural beauty to be found in the country is something we often take for granted until we travel abroad.

Here are just a few pictures, that I have taken, of the National Capital Region (click to enlarge):











2 thoughts on “Hometown Appreciation, Part 1

  1. Beautiful! Make sure you hit me up when you’re in DC if you’re looking to have a good time! 🙂 It seems I must visit Canada someday… your hometown seems worthy! haha I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.

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