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Past the Passport

As a kid, my passport always seemed to be some elusive packet of paper that my parents liked to hide from me. Well, so it appeared, until we made our regular way down south, to the country I still never really feel like a foreigner in (the United States, that is). Those days, I never really understood the importance of my passport. It was, and still is, a funny little thing.

Just the two of us.

While my passport’s gotten more than its fair share of use since the very beginning of its conception, I wasn’t personally entrusted with its use until a much later date. I began to insist on carrying it on my own, even on family trips, as it began to symbolize my independence. With time, I started to realize that hand-held piece of nationalism that I previously disregarded was actually my way out – my way out to see anything I wanted to see in the world. Since then, it’s been one of my most prized possessions.

My passport’s been my sidekick on all my journeys, with it being stamped by authorities from at least 5 major continents/regions around the world. It’s shown my history, my relatively new beginnings in independent travel, and my ambitions. It shows my accomplishments, my personal growth, and my future.

The moment, though, has come for its renewal. Essentially, this means it’s about to be wiped out and given a new beginning. It means, in my eyes, that it’s time to replace those old stamps with new ones. It’s time to step up my game, and let my next adventure be an even wilder one.

Goodbye, friend.

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