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Foreign Obsessions: G’Day, Mate!

Though my life has taken me to a foreign country, there are times when I can’t help but think of other places I’ve longed to visit since childhood. Spain is, and always has been, a country that’s fascinated me. It was one of the first countries that made me want to get out and explore, but it certainly hasn’t been the only place that’s caught my eye. For a very long time, Australia has held an important place on my personal travel list. While I don’t always vocalize it, a trip to the other side of the world would be a dream come true.

There’s no single catalyst for this being the case, but it stems back from a summer many years ago. At about the age of 12, I had never realized I had extended family spread throughout Australia. I was then formally introduced to some of my cousins from both Melbourne and Sydney, who had told me their cities were similar to ours. “Australia is a lot like Canada, but much warmer” is what they would say. Whether this holds true or not, I have yet to find out. However, regardless of the similarities or differences, there are a few reasons why I need to go there some day soon.

1. The accent.

There are several different accents within Australia itself, but the general Australian accent appeals to me the way the general English (from England) accent appeals to many others. I’ve never been the type to swoon over the accent of a non-native English speaker’s way of saying English words (Antonio Banderas excluded). However, there’s something about the way Australians form their words that amuses me in only the best of ways.

2. The distance.

Australia being so far away is a huge reason why I find it so intriguing. It’s supposedly very similar in terms of culture, yet it being several hours ahead, in a different continent, and completely surrounded by water makes it seem like a completely different world.

3. The wildlife.

There are several countries around the world that have exceptional (and very varied) landscapes. Canada is one of them, as is Australia. However, what Canada generally lacks in, Australia has. Although, the reverse is also probably very true. In any case, to explore the landscapes and see what native wildlife Australia boasts would be an adventure in itself.

4. The beaches.

This one ties in with the previous point, but still deserves a mention on its own. The deserts of Australia appeal to me greatly as well, though to think most of Australia’s major cities are coastal (or somewhat close to the coast) makes it seem too good to be true. Many people don’t enjoy the beach that much, but as an ocean-loving former competitive swimmer, this one is a big deal!

5. The travellers.

As if Australia wasn’t appealing enough on its own, its many travellers have given it a fun and attractive reputation. Many of the friendliest and most adventurous travellers I’ve met have hailed from somewhere in Australia. The coolest part? They say travelling for a couple of years isn’t completely abnormal for them! Meanwhile, in North America, the idea of being away from home for longer than a month or two usually sounds too risky. I wonder why that is?

Regardless, there are many more reasons why I’ve made it my mission to trek in Australia. Who knows, maybe the day for that will come sooner rather than later. There’s definitely something to look forward to in that part of the world!

Do you feel this way about any country? If so, where, and why?

16 thoughts on “Foreign Obsessions: G’Day, Mate!

  1. awww I love posts about AUS. I lived there for a year and every good thing you’ve heard is 100% true! It’s an amazing country with a fun and friendly atmosphere. When do you think you’ll make it there? 🙂

  2. I can say I have that kind of interest for quite a lot of countries, but right now Ireland is on the top of my “to go” list. The accent (there you go, it is something I really love), the green, the castles, the pubs… everything makes me ant to o there, rent a car and just go around the island! 🙂

  3. England has always been a place I wanted to visit – being of the bookish sort and obsessed about BBC period dramas. I finally got to visit it last year and it was fantastic!

  4. Hi
    I stumbled across your blog….and enjoyed reading your writing on wanting to go to Australia (my home country!) I have been living away for such a long time now that I forgot all the wonderful qualities that you listed! I hope you get to go, and live there for a while….it will never leave you, even if you do. Good people, lovely country….trust me! : )

      • I live in NYC now, before that LA.
        I’ve roamed everywhere though, and wish I had of starting blogging years ago to share my travels! (I will have to put some of my photo’s up on my blog.)
        Follow your dreams and your heart…it will not steer you wrong!

      • I prefer NYC because it reminds me of some parts of Europe a little…..but Southern Cali does have great weather. Although I do not miss the traffic! Manhattan is rich with history, great buildings, lots of culture and always something to do!
        What about you, where do you prefer living?

      • I dont like LA itself as much as surrounding areas.. but I do prefer Southern California to anywhere else (for living). NYC is great, but I guess I’m too much of a beach person to prefer it!

      • Then you really do need to make that trip to Australia!!! I grew up on the beach (water baby), so I guess that’s why I love almost the opposite now. When you go, try Air B & B or a youth hostel to save some $ on accommodation!

      • I didn’t grow up near a beach (well, a few but none like in Australia) so maybe it’s the same case! I was always into swimming though, I love all of that. I have family in Australia so I’d have to visit them then maybe some hostels for the smaller areas! Cheers for the advice! Do you plan on going back?

      • I’m going to try to go back next year. It is hard because I like to travel other places around the world as well! So, unless I win the lottery, I have to pick and choose where I go and save up!

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