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Munchies Monday: Sumosan Sushi in Madrid

Spanish food isn’t my favourite, particularly the kind that is made in Madrid. On the bright side, Madrid offers an array of amazing cuisine, particularly of the Japanese variety. The amount of Japanese restaurants to be found around Madrid is incredible, and often cheaper than one would expect! As a result of that, I’ve had more Japanese food here than ever.

Sushi for days!

This weekend, I once again had some of my favourite food at a restaurant located near the well-known Plaza de Espana. Like many Japanese restaurants here, the Sumosan offers an all-you-can-eat price of 15 euros, available 7 days a week. For lunch-time goers, this price drops to 10 euros, which is a great deal.

The restaurant offers various types of sushi, including the popular California style rolls, maki, temaki, noodles, rice dishes, and all of the typical things including miso soup. Personally, I was ecstatic to find that Sumosan has spring rolls, and unlike many other places in Madrid, these spring rolls are actually delicious.

For someone like myself, it was great to go into a central restaurant that was quieter and nicely styled. A couple of my other favourite Japanese restaurants are larger, which is ideal for those nights when you want a little background noise. This time around, Sumosan’s chilled out ambiance was perfect.

While I’m not a fan of going near Madrid’s Gran Via and Sol districts, Sumosan was worth it. For anyone in Madrid, I recommend giving it a try, and will find myself going there again.

Do you have any restaurant recommendations?

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