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Beach Review: Laguna Beach (California)

The beach is where I believe I should have grown up. The waves, the sun, the sand – I love all of it. Lately, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit one well-known beach fairly often. As I’m here in the Orange County (California) area for the entirety of August, this particular beach is so ridiculously close-by that it feels unjust not to visit it at least twice a week. Since I’ve arrived here in the O.C. almost two weeks ago, I’ve visited Laguna Beach more than a couple of times. Non-California natives might know it as the beach from that reality show, but around here, it’s just one of many coastal hotspots that O.C. residents are lucky enough to have nearby.

“Laguna downtown” as it’s known is a quaint little beachfront area with several eateries, shops, and even residential homes. Many locals go down here to have dinner, enjoy the view, and take a stroll along the boardwalk. For me, it’s become my outlet for my obsession with the ocean.


Main Beach, Laguna.

This beach is distinctly divided into two areas. The main beach, located right across from “downtown”, is where sand-lovers go to soak in the sun. There’s a park, boardwalk, and a bit of green and concrete for sports lovers. I’ve noticed that someone’s always using one of the nets that are firmly implanted in the sand, making beach volleyball the main athletic activity here. Further down the beach, away from the restaurants yet still on the main beach, is where the beach begins to ascend. Surfers, scuba divers, and other ocean-dwellers tend to veer towards this area, as the water gets deep rather quickly around here.

Further up this hilly area is the second beach. Up here, near the residential homes, you’ll find more of a park-friendly area. Lots of families come around here with their own food for barbecues and picnics. There’s a steep descent to the sand and ocean in this area, too, which is a little more secluded than the main beach itself. I’ve come to notice that on this side of the hill, the swimmers outnumber the sun-bathers.



When it comes to how many beach-goers there usually are, it all depends on the time of year. This month, it’s been consistently busy, even during the weekdays. Earlier in the year, the tranquility levels go up. While I love secluded beaches more than city beaches, Laguna Beach is a bit of both. It’s far from a main city beach, but still has a sort of vibrancy that makes it a fun spot to be.

In short, I can see myself going back many more times this month and enjoying it just as much as I did the first time. In due time, I’ll check out another beach soon.


Accurate directions.

What type of beaches do you like most? Where’s your favourite beach?

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