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New Year, New City: Toronto

One year ago, I remember contemplating where I would be a year from then. Whilst in my Madrid apartment, I kept thinking to myself, “I want to try Toronto next”. I had resigned myself to the fact that while I loved living in Spain, I wanted to live in my home country. Not only that, though; I wanted to live in Canada’s biggest city. Toronto, the place I chose, happens to be large, full of entertainment value, and a great place to work as a Canadian interested in business. As such, I decided that I would devote my year of post-Spain living to finding some way to live in the city due to my own interest in what it had to offer, and because I was ready to try something new.

Now, a mere few months later, I find myself in Toronto. I had initially thought that the earliest I would find myself here would be in March of 2015, yet it is still 2014 and I am already here. I can only express a slight bit of surprise, considering how the past 2-3 years have occurred at an intensely rapid rate. I continue to surprise myself, but more importantly, life continues to surprise me. Although I don’t see myself in Toronto for the rest of my life, I do see myself here for the near future. My life has taken a new turn and thankfully, the city I now find myself in has much to offer.

As such, I will now be able to report on one of the world’s largest and most fulfilling cities. Toronto, recently named as the third largest city in North America (only behind New York City and Los Angeles), is a hub for entertainment and travel. So, while I will be out of the country at least once in 2015, I will devote quite a bit of my time to reporting on different happenings in the city during the upcoming year. However, be on the lookout, as I intend to visit California and Europe in 2015. If I get lucky, I’ll sneak Asia in there, too.

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