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Top 3: Places to Eat in Etobicoke (Toronto)

For the past year and a half, I’ve been residing in one of the most interesting areas in the Greater Toronto Area. Etobicoke, which is located in West Toronto, is close to both downtown Toronto and downtown Mississauga. I’ve had an incredible experience here, due to its proximity to the lake, the subway, and its variety of hangout spots. I personally live near central Etobicoke, which is quite different from northern Etobicoke; here, it’s safe, and the restaurants are some of the best ones you can find in Toronto. For now, there are three places to eat that are definitely worth visiting if you’re in the area. The best part? They’re all located on the same street!

1 – Apache Burgers


The Apache burger.

Apache Burgers brings back the 50s’ diner vibe that so many people love. It’s a classic for those who love “American food” – burgers, fries, and everything in-between. Apache Burger is also great for anyone who loves poutine, which is a classic Canadian dish (fries + cheese curds = delicious!). I have been here a couple of times, mostly for the poutine as I’m not much of a meat-eater. I would suggest it to anyone who’s looking for a mouth-watering “cheat meal”. Bonus fact: a scene in “Room”, the 2015 film starring Brie Larson, was filmed here!

2 – Mekong River


A Mekong River mango salad.

At this point, I believe everyone loves Thai food. I haven’t met anyone who dislikes it (so if you do, let me know!). A lot of people also love Vietnamese food, or Chinese food. The great thing about Mekong River is that it combines all three locales in one. Sometimes, that may seem like a bad idea, but Mekong River manages to blend the cuisines well and doesn’t go overboard. For example, there are definitely sections of the menu that are strictly Thai, Vietnamese, or Chinese. However, they creatively mix it up for certain side dishes, which makes it more interesting. It’s well-priced, and always a good time!

3 – Toji Sushi


Toji Sushi.

I’m not extremely picky when it comes to sushi. However, there’s definitely a difference between barely-acceptable sushi and sushi that is worth splurging on. Toji Sushi manages to create dishes that taste fresh, and are very filling. I usually choose this spot to go to when I want sushi near me. Although it’s a bit pricey (sushi usually is, unfortunately), it’s nice to visit once in a while. What makes Toji Sushi a good place to eat, for me, is that the staff is great. I haven’t ever had anything to complain about there!


Do you have a favourite restaurant in your neighbourhood?

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