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Top 5: Best Things About Living in Downtown Toronto

It’s been a while since my last update, and it could be because life has altered quite drastically recently. In the span of 4-5 months, I’ve started a new job, moved to a new part of the city, and changed my routine. It’s been a major challenge learning how to adapt to all of these new things at once, but it’s also given me the chance to move to downtown Toronto, which is something I’ve always wanted to try. Although it’s only been about three months since I’ve lived downtown, here are my top 5 favourite things about living here:

1 – Walking is now an option.

It’s become incredibly easy to walk to an interesting place, a shopping centre, or even simply a coffee shop. This was the thing I missed most about living in Madrid, which is a highly walkable city. Canada, in general, isn’t great for walking, unless you live in a very small town or live downtown. And due to Toronto being a very congested city in terms of traffic, being able to walk down the street to take a class, get a coffee, or meet a friend is something I can definitely appreciate!

2 – Transit is easy.

This is another car-free bonus, but again, as Toronto is a frustrating city to drive in, being able to take a subway, bus, or streetcar to your destination also relieves you of a lot of stress. While I’m a fan of driving, I like having other options, especially in a city where a lot of people are terrible drivers. The only downside to transit in Toronto is that it’s slightly overpriced (seriously, where does all of that money go?! The subway’s very old!), but it’s fairly quick and efficient… when there isn’t some service interruption. Overall, it’s a good option to have.

The view by the lake!

The view by the lake!

3 – Being lakeside.

This one is doable outside of downtown Toronto, which is the great perk to living on the lakeside part of the Greater Toronto Area. While I lived relatively close to the lake at my last location, I now live a 5 minute walk from the water. The beaches here aren’t as spectacular as other beaches around the world, but you don’t really live in Toronto for the beach. However, being near water is, and always has been, soothing to me. It’s really not that uncommon, either, for “coastal” or “lakeside” living to be considered therapeutic or stimulating for many people. It’s enjoyable to be able to take a stroll near the water, or go visit the beach in the summertime. As a lifelong swimmer, this one matters to me more than it might for anyone who isn’t overly fond of oceans or lakes!

4 – There’s always an event to go to.

While I’ve picked an odd time to be somewhat of a hermit compared to before, I’ve also appreciated being given the option to easily go to the various events that are constantly around here in Toronto. From going to TIFF (Toronto’s International Film Festival) to checking out the Distillery District’s Christmas Markets, it’s been an interesting time. The city is incredibly diverse and has its artistic side as well as plenty of sports teams for anyone who wants to do more than sit at home after work!


At TIFF with a couple of friends!

5 – I’m not close to the party/college scene.

This is due to where I am downtown, because there are other spots in downtown Toronto that are in the heart of all of this. Where I live, however, is secluded enough from all of that, and that’s how I like it! As great as downtown Toronto is, some of us just aren’t into the “crazy” side of it and want enough space from it. The great thing about downtown is that there are pockets that distinguish themselves from surrounding areas for what ever reason. Thankfully, where I live is relatively calm!

While I’m not sure I’ll live in downtown for many years to come, it’s a great test run, and so far, it’s been a great experience!

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