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What I Really Want This “Family Day”

Today is, for lack of better words, a day to celebrate families. In Canada, it’s called “family day”, which is a literal and accurate representation of what this day is supposed to be all about. It might be Canada’s best statutory holiday if only because it feels like a free three-day weekend; in a country where there aren’t as many holidays as other countries, it’s a nice boost during what is arguably the worst month of the calendar year.

So, as I sit here writing on my own, I can’t help but think, “why am I not with my family?”. The truth is, I live hours away from my parents, my little brother, and my oldest sister. One of my older sister’s lives near me, but works at all hours, on all holidays, and barely ever gets a break. I want to change my status this year. I want to work for something meaningful and long-lasting, something I want. I also realize that while my nature’s always been to travel, do new things, be okay on my own, this isn’t what I actually want anymore. Can I do these things? Of course, and I can still enjoy them. But life is about progress, and moving on to the next chapter.

When I explain the last few years to people who haven’t really strayed away from the traditional path of do-school-then-start-working, all I ever hear is, “but are you going to move away to some foreign country in 3 months?”. The answer to that is a resounding “no”. What I crave in life, especially now, is stability. Happiness. Meaningfulness. This extends to relationships, friendships, and work. I’m not in a mental place to want to pick up and leave to some far away land for no real reason on my own. I like to explore new things, or things that feel “new” to me in that given moment. And at this point, stability would be something new to explore, and worth delving into.

Some friendships seem fleeting; only there when convenient for the other person. We’re all guilty of it, though we shouldn’t be. The people who are there for you, and always will be, are your close family members; at least, that’s if you’re fortunate. I know and realize that I am fortunate to have support in that sense, and not to take it for granted. I couldn’t go “home” to visit my parents and brother this weekend for other reasons that were out of my control, which meant that I also missed a good friend’s engagement party. A good friend who has always been there for me, and who I can go months without seeing and it still feel as though we saw each other the day before. That doesn’t sum up all friendships, which is why not being able to go was a dreadful thing. It’s a terrible feeling, not to be able to use this weekend as a means to see family and good friends again.

So, if nothing else, family day has reminded me of something incredibly important: family comes first. And yes, to a certain extent, you can choose your family. But choose wisely.

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