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What Is Your Purpose? (Part 1 – Anna, The Singer/Actress)

Recently, my purpose has become apparent. A part of me has always known what it was, but it’s taken courage to admit it to myself. As such, I felt inspired; what were other peoples’ purpose? I decided to start this series, which I hope will be ongoing. This is the first of the series. 

In this article, we’ll get to know a little about Anna, a singer/actress from St. Catharines.

1 – Where did you grow up, and how do you think that helped shape you?
I grew up in St. Catharines, in southern Ontario close to the lake. I don’t see the town itself having had an impact necessarily on how it shaped me, but I do recognize the fact that I grew up near the water having had an impact on my appreciation of nature in general, and it’s positive vibes it keeps having on me.


2 – What do you think you’re meant to do in life? (ie: are you meant to help people, or build businesses, or showcase your talents, etc)
I think that there is always something to discover about yourself. Right now in my life, I’m focusing on discovering the artist inside of me, through music, acting, the arts in general. I’ve always had a sensitive artistic side to me, and it’s the side I want to pursue at this point in my life, and see what my potential could become. Having said that, I will always want to help people in life, whether it’s to teach ESL one day, or be part of a humanitarian association, or simply by helping out my neighbor. Part of me needs to know that I can bring good to people; I want to contribute the positive side of humanity.

3 – What gets you up in the morning?
Literally, my alarm lol. Figuratively, my thirst for life and knowing that there is so much to discover out there. I try to stay in an optimistic mind set in order to realize that everything I may want is right at my finger tips, if I want it bad enough and work toward those dreams.


4 – What do you feel like your biggest challenge is right now?
Currently, I find my biggest challenge to be what my next step is in life. At times I do feel stuck with the routine I live everyday of going to work to pay the bills. I sometimes find it a vicious cycle, and I keep trying to figure out a balance in order to feel more satisfied with my own life. I know I have something to offer to this world, and I’m slowly trying to figure out the pieces.


5 – What do you hope for the most?
As cliche as it might sound, I just want to be happy and in check with heart, soul and mind. Because I believe that with the right mind set, you can truly accomplish anything. It’s just about putting in the work toward what you really want and what you’re looking for in life. I just hope to find it one day. One adventure at a time 🙂

If you want to participate in this project and live in the GTA, please do not hesitate to message me!

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