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What Is Your Purpose (Part 2 – Sheila, The Spiritual)

Recently, my purpose has become apparent. A part of me has always known what it was, but it’s taken courage to admit it to myself. As such, I felt inspired; what were other peoples’ purpose? I decided to start this series, which I hope will be ongoing. This is the first of the series.

In this article, we’ll get to know a little about Sheila, a spiritual believer from Brampton.

1- Where did you grow up, and how do you think that helped shape you?
I grew up in Brampton Ontario. I don’t believe that the city help shaped me. I believe how we grow and learn from our experiences/mistakes help shape who we are today.


2 – What do you think you’re meant to do in life? (ie: are you meant to help people, or build businesses, or showcase your talents, etc)
At this point in my life I am trying to figure out my purpose in life, what I am suppose to be doing or how I am suppose to be helping. Through this moment in my life what I have been doing in order to determine my purpose is praying, asking God to guide me and to show me the way of where He would like me to be. What I can say is that I know I want to grow stronger my relationship with God and for me that is a purpose as well, without God my life is nothing. And through God I have purpose.

3 – What gets you up in the morning?
Being thankful gets me up in the morning, that I am able to open my eyes and breathe into another day of life.


4 – What do you feel like your biggest challenge is right now?
I believe my biggest challenge right now is figuring out what I am suppose to be doing in terms of career and serving the Lord. I feel that its not something that is easy to figure out because you want to be able to do something that you know will bring change to peoples lives and those around you and better yet in yourself. Doing something that you are so certain you have been created to do and love it in every which way. I want to be at that point in my life, but all does come in the right time as of now I am patiently waiting for God to lead me to that.


5 – What do you hope for the most?
What I hope for is for Love in the world, God is love and I hope one day others can see the love of God and how much he truly cares for us and loves us so unconditionally. I hope for peace, peace that surpasses all our understandings that only God can give. I hope for change in the world and even in my own life that I can be a mere example of who Christ is.


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