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Announcement: I’m Going To Europe For 21 Days!

I’ve been holding off on announcing this, but I think it’s time to come clean: I’m going to Europe for 21 days. This summer, I’ll be headed to four different countries for a friend’s wedding and for some reunion time.

Although I’ve been enjoying being set in a routine these days, I know that I always crave a bit of adventure. I’ll be with friends for the vast majority of this trip, but setting through four very different European countries is exciting! I’ll set foot in the Netherlands, travel through to Finland, then Sweden, and end in my beloved Spain. I’ve been to both the Netherlands and Spain before, but Finland and Sweden are new experiences for me.

While I’m looking forward to it, there is no doubt that it requires a certain level of determination to make happen. To be able to take time away from work to do this is a blessing, and I’m grateful for it! I’ll be spending one of my weeks (mainly, my week in Madrid) working during the days, but I get to use the rest of my time as exploration time. Until the trip happens, I’m on a strict regime of budgeting and working out. It’s not all easy, and sometimes, I need a break!


In Italy with my friend Alex!

Still, it comes down to this: if you want your life to be a little adventurous, you have to prioritize that. It’s easy to get used to a comfortable life. But regardless of what you face, it’s important to remember what drives you. What drives me is two-fold; personal connections and curiosity are what keep me going. I love creating and maintaining strong friendships, and I love to explore new places…

So, how long do I have to go until I set off on this amazing trip? 5 weeks and 2 days. Let’s go!

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