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Why Working Out Is GOOD For Your Skin!

When we think of good skin care, we don’t automatically think of “working out”. If anything, the idea of sweating out your internal toxins, and letting that sit on your face, seems dreadful. I would understand that point of view, because sweating too much, and not washing up soon enough, can do bad things to your skin. But really, as long as you’re washing your face post-workout, and taking a share within a half hour, you’re good to go.

Here’s why working out is actually immensely great for your skin:

1. You feel less stressed out.

It’s true that working out makes you feel less anxious about certain things. People often say that exercising is a mood-booster, because of the chemicals released in your brain. So, it can make you feel better. But we already knew that, didn’t we?

Well, when you feel less stressed out, your face looks better for it. You sleep better, which we all know has a huge effect on how we look and feel the next day. Stress has a way of aging people, and when you get into a routine of working out and releasing your worries in a healthy way, you’ll simply look better.

2. It can reduce acne.

This is somewhat related to the idea that working out releases certain endorphins that make you feel less stressed out. In turn, feeling less stressed means you’re less likely to produce high levels of cortisol. Cortisol and other acne-inducing chemicals are what your body needs to avoid in order to be clear. So, exercising is your body’s way of naturally reducing its chances of over-producing this!

One important thing to note is that you shouldn’t exercise with makeup on. If you’re doing this, you’re blocking your pores. The benefits of working out, on a surface level (literally), are completely overridden by the makeup you’re wearing. So, why risk it? Wipe it all off!

3. It detoxifies your body from within.

I’m of the opinion that eating healthy is very important to being healthy and looking good. I think that even though you may exercise, if you still eat poorly processed foods that are high in sugar, you’ll still most likely age more quickly than necessary.

Having said that, regular exercise is a way of not only detoxifying your skin on a surface level, it’s a good way to clean things on the inside. More exercise means better blood circulation, which can be both helpful for boosting blood flow (again, good for your skin) and helping your body’s immune system. You produce more anti-virus properties when you exercise, which gives you a better chance at fighting off illnesses that can take their toll on your skin.

It’s clear that working out is great for your skin. Although I’ve noticed that my skin is also affected by what I eat and how much sleep I get, I know that exercising gives my body the proper boost it needs to detoxify from within. I’ve been lucky thus far, as my skin hasn’t really aged much yet! And I plan to keep it that way.


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