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5 Things That Have Happened Since I Stopped Using Foundation

I’m not one to talk much about “beauty” products. In fact, this is my first-ever beauty-related post. While maybe only 3% of my monthly budget goes to skin or hair products (including face wash and cream), I’d be lying if I said I don’t pay attention to the world of beauty and makeup. I’m a young woman in my 20s, and like a lot of girls, I’ve tried a few things here and there.

However, I’m not a heavy makeup wearer. When I was a teenager, it was almost a joke: I owned makeup that I rarely wore. My sister couldn’t understand why I kept buying products; later on, neither could I. So, in my 20s, I’ve definitely stopped buying as much makeup. Most months, I get away with not buying any. Still, I’ve worn foundation on and off for a few years, even when my skin was completely blemish-free. Having been a teenager with incredibly fortunate skin, it was definitely unnecessary. And now, having learned to ditch foundation most days, I’ve realized a few things are true for me.

1. No one notices the difference.

Even my beauty-savvy friends can’t tell when I’m not wearing foundation. Actually, even I can’t tell most days. This isn’t to say that I have perfect skin, because I don’t. Truth is, my skin is currently at a “bad” point for me. Still, it’s really hard to remember that I’m not wearing any at all most days.

2. Washing my face is so much easier. 

I’m diligent about washing my face, at least for the most part. Since not wearing foundation at all, it takes far less time to wash my face and get ready for bed. This is an obvious perk, especially when I’m tired.

3. I spend less money.

I’m not the splurge-for-beauty type of girl. I allot myself a small budget for fashion, and I let myself buy face masks when I have a bit extra to spend. I have never had a facial or professional hair treatment, either. While this is something I could invest in more, I’ve definitely saved money by not being hugely invested (literally and figuratively) in makeup products. Good foundation also runs on the expensive side, so cutting it out has been beneficial. Having said that, I think splurging on taking care of yourself is a good thing – I just prefer to do it through good food, good creams, face wash, and shampoo.

4. I focus more on skincare.

To go off on that last point, I think foundation is an easy “cover up” because it’s meant to do just that: cover up, or at least smooth out, imperfections. Because I don’t rely on that crutch most days, I make sure to take care of my skin by washing it consistently, moisturizing it, drinking enough water, and hopefully also eating mostly-healthy foods. I have to admit that lately, I haven’t done as much of the “eat healthy, workout” part, so I know there’s room to grow. But I always make sure to wash my face and moisturize.

5. I see myself differently.

Okay, this is going to sound like a major “humble brag“. But the truth is: when I put makeup on, I don’t see a drastic difference from when I have none on. By not wearing foundation, I look more like how I appear first thing in the morning. I have always been a huge appreciator of makeup, because it’s artistic and fun. But I’ve always been careful not to wear “too much” of it most days, because I never want to lose sight of what I actually look like. I love to get made up and dressed up for events, but if I did that every day, I’d feel miserable when it all comes off. Accepting my minor blemishes and imperfections is a lot healthier than avoiding them, or pretending I’m perfect.

So, while I don’t buy into the idea that wearing foundation is inherently “bad” for your skin (as long as you wash your face every day – it does also protect your skin a little!), I like going without it.

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