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Global Recipes: Sweden – Laxpudding

This summer, I visited what is now one of my favourite cities in the world – Stockholm! While I didn’t get to try a lot of typically-Swedish food when I was strolling through the city, I did try a few dishes at a vegan restaurant in the city. I’ve always known that salmon’s a staple in Sweden, but I haven’t been able to use smoked salmon in recipes very often.

So, this week, I was inspired to use some recently-purchased smoked salmon as a base for a Swedish-inspired dish called Laxpudding. Although Laxpudding is usually made with white potatoes, I decided to make mine with sweet potato in order to give it a slight health kick. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m focused on eating healthier, for the sake of helping my body feel better after some stress it’s been through. So, any of these recipes will be healthy, and will be based around whole foods. If you’re used to seeing dishes with 20+ recipes, this will be a bit of a shock to you.

My Laxpudding recipe:

3 sweet potatoes
1 (large) bag of smoked salmon
2 teaspoons of dill
1 lime

That’s it!

I did research Laxpudding to get more information on how it’s usually made and how I could safely bake the salmon. Besides swapping the type of potatoes, I also decided to go without the creams and milks that the other recipes mention. I think it’s okay to add almond milk, or what ever type of milk you like and can tolerate. However, I didn’t think it was necessary in this case.


Before baking.

How did I make it?

First, I peeled the sweet potato, and sliced it into thin pieces. I then lightly-greased a clear pan with some avocado oil. Then, I added a layer of sweet potato, then a layer of the smoked salmon. Next comes a squeeze of the lime and a dash of the dill. Then, I added another layer of sweet potato, another layer of smoked salmon, and finished it with a final layer of sweet potato.

The verdict? 

I was surprised at how good this one came out. Because I was cooking the smoked salmon alongside the sweet potato, I was worried that the sweet potato would come out burned, or that the smoked salmon would be burned. However, the sweet potato was mostly perfectly-cooked, with only the top layer being a bit crispier. The smoked salmon also seemed to be well-done; if you’re not a fan of cooked salmon, this isn’t for you. I do think that smoked salmon is probably healthy to eat on its own, without being heated in an oven, but in this case, I believe it was better-served in-between the sweet potato.

I’m really glad that I added the dill, especially, and that I didn’t make the layers of sweet potato too thick. I topped this off with some kale on the side, and some flax-seed crackers in case I wanted to eat the salmon with crackers.

Although I cook for other people quite often, I was surprised at how much my parents liked this dish. I, too, was happy with how it all tasted. Despite the hour-long baking, it takes very little time to prep this dish and it’s worth it in the end. I’ll wait a little while before cooking this again, but I will definitely be trying it again!

Until then, I’ll be thinking about my next recipe…

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