Family Travel: The Case of Nomadic Genes

Whether you truly believe in a nomadic gene being real or not, there are some real-life cases that could easily support the idea that some people are destined to travel. Sometimes, this gene skips certain people in a family, but sometimes, it affects everyone. It leads to lifelong confusion, a ridiculously high amount of curiosity, and a desire to do things that are not quite ordinary.

I present to you: my family.

My little brother is perhaps the least affected by the condition. While he likes to travel to California, he has yet to express an extremely strong need to see the world. In fact, he’s said he enjoys being in one place. The rest of us, however, are destined to be forever unsatisfied with normalcy.

My older sisters are like me – they love to travel. They both love certain aspects of the outdoors (while I love every type of landscape besides the Arctic), and have travelled to several different countries. When we talk about where we want to go next, they always have an idea of where to go, albeit the more extreme destinations are usually not brought up.

My parents are real adventurers. Besides picking up and moving to a new country with their kids, they’ve both been to some dangerous locales that I’ve yet to see. My mother’s currently on a trip, whilst my father recently got home from Southeast Asia.

As a kid, I remember my parents having to take diplomatic/charitable missions. Once in a while, one of them would be missing. It got to the point where it was nothing unusual; it only made me want to leave my hometown even more.


With my niece (Laguna Beach, California).

I’m convinced that out of my siblings, I’m the one who most inherited the crazy death wish-like dream to see every place on the planet. Sometimes, I like the comforts of home, but routine doesn’t appeal to me in the same way.

Until last year, we lived in three different countries. Now, we’re back down to two, but not in the same city. Unlike in certain families, it’s not deliberate, nor a way of getting away from each other. C’est la vie.

It’s not as tragic as it sounds, though. Thankfully, it just means we all know how to use technology to make it seem as though we’re not that far away from each other. It also means we get to swap stories fairly frequently about our latest travels, and that when we next meet up, it’s likely the other person has been somewhere new since we last saw them. For some people, it’s not the ideal situation, but for us, it’s the norm.

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