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Spain, in 10.

Disclaimer: There have been a ridiculous amount of incredible, insane, hilarious, and confusing moments here in Spain. The following is a list of some great (and appropriate) moments to have happened all over the country. In no particular order…

1. Madrid – Going to see my (childhood/adolescent-hood) favourite Cristiano Ronaldo score a hat-trick (3 goals) in a Real Madrid game only a few rows up from the ground, at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. Later walking home to find out I live down the road from Atletico de Madrid‘s stadium. Surreal.

2. Barcelona – Walking out of the city’s metro upon finally arriving in Barcelona after years of dreaming of the city, and the first thing to be seen is one of Gaudi‘s most famous works. Crazy.

The first thing we saw… in Barcelona.

3. Valencia – Waking up and falling asleep to the sound of firecrackers. Also running to one of the city’s Las Fallas street concert booths upon hearing Bara Bere Bere being blasted. Insane.

4. Mallorca (Balearic Islands) – Driving from coast to coast. Somehow finding myself in Rafael Nadal’s hometown. Random.

5. Granada – Walking up the steps of Alhambra by day, in a bullfighting arena by afternoon, and watching a flamenco show by night. This is Spain.

The Alhambra… one of my favourite places in Spain.

6. Sevilla – First visiting the city within a few weeks of moving to Spain in September, overwhelmed by its incredible beauty and intimidated by its real Spanish vibe and local idioms. Coming back in May with the ability to navigate the city sans map, and with problem-free Spanish. Success.

7. Cadiz – Playing a pick-up game of football (soccer) on the beach with locals. Awesome.

8. Malaga – Walking along the beach – water on the right, wrestling match on the left. Funny.

Mario Casas… exactly where I saw him?

9. Madrid – Walking past Mario Casas, down the street from my then-home, multiple times. Not realizing how famous he is in Spain, nor how many jaws would drop upon mentioning seeing him. Ridiculous.

10. San Sebastian – To be continued…*

*After my visit to San Sebastian next week.

2 thoughts on “Spain, in 10.

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